Healthy Foods Task Force


Children who are healthy perform better academically, have better attendance and are happier. Through our breakfast and lunch programs, SCUSD feeds 30,000 children every day. By improving the food served in cafeterias and educating children about nutrition and exercise, SCUSD has the potential to improve the lives of those we serve.

In the spring of 2010, Superintendent Raymond announced the formation of the Healthy Foods Task Force to focus acutely on three areas: Food quality and taste; the climate and culture of school cafeterias; and teaching students about food through campus gardens. The task force is a collaboration involving the district’s Nutrition Services and SCUSD partners. Accomplishments include:

  • All SCUSD schools now have “Go Green. Eat Fresh” salad bars.
  • SCUSD is now serving fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms.
  • Lunch menus have expanded to include more “from scratch” dinner-style choices such as pasta marinara, chicken teriyaki and mini-sliders.
  • Students are involved in taste-testing menu items.
  • A Breakfast First initiative to increase participation in SCUSD’s breakfast program was launched in September.